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Why Humanity in Medical Education
Rimal HS

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  Original Research Articles  
ORA 36

Bicentric Bipolar prosthesis in Non-Traumatic HIP Pathologies: Maximum 10 Years Follow up
Jha SC, Rai AK, Shakya P.

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ORA 37 Functional Evaluation of Fracture shaft of Femur Treated by Antegrade Closed Interlocking Nail at B.P Koirala Institute of Heralth Sciences, Dharan
Gupta Pk, Basnet R, Shrestha NM
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ORA 38 Knowledge and Attitude Towards Corporal Punishment Among Primary School Teachers of Biratnagar Sub-Metropolitan City, Morang, Nepal
Shrestha M, Badhu A, Shah T, Baral D
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ORA 39 Neonatal Outcome of Antenatal Mothers with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension in Antenatal Ward of Kathmandu Medical College and Teaching Hospital
Shrestha S, Pudel S, Parajuli P, Khagi BR.
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ORA 40

Outcomes of Surgical Management of Distal Femur Fracture with Distal Femoral Locking Compression Plate at Koshi Zonal Hospital
Sah S, Karn NK, KC B, Yadav R, Dangi SJ, Adhikari AR

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ORA 41 Prevalence and Associated Factors of Under Nutrition Among Under-Five Children of Bharatpur Municipality of Chitwan District, Nepal
Pokharel AU, Parajuli SB, Acharya A
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ORA 42 Laparoscopic Management of Ovarian Dermoid Cysts in Birat Medical College, Teaching Hospital
Neupane BB, Karki GMS, Dahal P, Karki SB
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ORA 43 A Study of Malposition of Central Venous Catheter-A Comparative Study Between Ultrasound Guided and Anatomical Landmark Technique
Rajbanshi LK, Karki SB, Arjyal B
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ORA 44 Assessment of Pain and Trismus and Determining the Difficulty Level of Tooth Extraction with Modified Parant Scale.
Agrawal M, Rahman QB, Naulakha D, Karki R
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ORA 45 Comparison of Anesthetic Properties of Ketofol (Ketamine with Propofol) and Propofol in Minor Surgical Procedures
Karki SB, Rajbanshi LK, Arjyal B, Khanal K
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ORA 46 Perceived Stigma Towards Mental Illness Among College Students of Western Nepal
Pokharel B, Pokharel A
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ORA 47 The Role of Quantitative C-Reactive Protein, White Blood Cell Count and Pus Cell in Predicting Urinary Tract Infection Among Febrile Infants and Children
Rimal HS, Walavalkar S
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  Case Reports  
CR 12

When a Warning Sign is Not a Warning Sign: Chilaiditi's Sign in a Patient with Heart Failure and Epigastric Hernia
Bhatta SP, Timilsina S, Atreya A

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CR 13 Repetition of Therapeutic Pinning by a Mentally Challenged: A Case Report and A Medico-Legal Lesson Learnt From Kathmandu Medical College and Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal
Barnawal S, Acharya J
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CR 14 Wallenberg's Syndrome in Young Adults: Case Report
Thapa DK, Yadav CP, Limbu CP, Dhakal S
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CR 15 A Rare Case Study of Torsion of a Non-Gravid Uterus
Basnet T, Pant PR, Sharma J, Pokharel A
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CR 16 Cesarean Scar Pregnancy - A Rare Entity : Two Case Reports
Mahato K
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  View Point  

Public Health Perspectives Due to Climate Change in Bangladesh
Russell Kabir, S.M. Yasir Arafat

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